Your Curator of Style

How your interior designer gets to the end product is as important as the look and feel of your newly designed space. Over the years, Melanie King Designs has cultivated and honed a design process that helps us achieve our clients’ goals while eliminating as much pain as possible along the way.


Understanding what a client wants and needs is the key to our success. We take time upfront to define your project goals, learn your preferences and personal style, and determine your budget.



Once we are comfortable that we have the project scoped out properly, we can begin the ideation process and start creating our concepts. Early on, our clients receive color and style palettes to review so we can establish the fundamentals of your personal theme. Then, we move on to building a project design that includes colors, fabrics, furnishings, lighting, layouts, and finishes.



As we move through the creation of what will become your new design, we are constantly incorporating your feedback into our work. Once we have the final design, including the selection of all elements, in place, we can move on to where the fun begins.



There is nothing better than seeing your style come to life during the implementation phase. We do final research on materials and service pricing, present cost estimates for your review, agree on the implementation plan, and build out the project schedule.